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Alden Volunteers

Alden Volunteers is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation managed by a Board of both member and outside directors.

Alden Volunteers

Alden Volunteers' membership is comprised of year-round and seasonal residents (in and outside of the town of Alden) who actively expend their time and talents in accomplishing the annual and longer term goals that support AV’s mission.

Our mission is to preserve and enrich the spirit of Alden by developing, enhancing and expanding the aesthetic, cultural, social and educational dynamics of the community. In short AV is dedicated to helping make Alden a better place to be and visit.

AV operations through six committees- Communications & Membership, Construction & Maintenance, Education, Fundraising, Garden, and Social - and has completed over 471 projects in and around Alden since its founding in 2000.

Would you like to support the Alden Volunteers, either through a donation or by becoming a member? Locate the “Membership” form and/or the “Support the Alden Volunteers” form located in the “Menu” tab on our home page. Contact President Jack Findlay with any questions you may have, at either (231)735-4126, or at [email protected]

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