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Botanical Garden Society of Northwest Michigan
After twelve years of planning, friend-raising and fundraising, the botanical garden has a home at last! Located on 25 acres of land within the Historic Barns Park, on the site of the old Traverse City State Hospital, the garden encompasses a wide range of ecosystems, from meadows to woodlands to wetlands.
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The Botanical Garden at Historic Barns Park is a non-profit organization that, since 2000, has been working to create a regional botanic garden in northwest Michigan. We have finalized an agreement with the Traverse City-Garfield Township Recreational Authority to establish a 25-acre public garden on a portion of a 54-acre parcel of land at the Commons, a lovely site within the city limits of Traverse City.

The leading landscape architecture firm, Nelson Byrd Woltz, created our master plan, thus laying the groundwork for an upcoming capital campaign. We are actively in the process of expanding our board of directors and community advisory board and have begun to raise seed money for our first stages of development.

Our focus is local and global. We recognize the importance our garden will play in guarding our biological heritage and in partnering with the global effort to preserve and protect ecosystems. When completed, our botanic garden will be a showplace of environmental preservation, research and education, and a stunning natural sanctuary that will nurture the arts, enliven our culture and promote Michigan's natural beauty--providing a tremendous tourism asset for the region's economic base.

The Botanical Garden's mission... an investment in education, natural heritage, economy and culture, reflecting the quality of life we cherish in Northwest Michigan.