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Friday, Jul 4, 2014 4:00 PM
Waters D'Vine is focused on the organic natural beauty of local wine, eats and ecology. Experience a unique perspective of historical downtown Traverse City while kayaking through the Boardman lake, River and mouth of West Bay.

You will be biking, kayaking and walking.  Bikes and Kayaks are provided by 231 Outfitters and The RiverPlease dress appropriately with shirt and shoes for service.

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Waters D'Vine is working within Downtown Traverse City businesses Northern Natural Cider House, OM Cafe, 231 Outfitters and The River who focus on health of the environment and community.  The trip begins at Northern Natural Cider House with a glass of flight of sustainable farmed wine or hard ciders:  while here you are welcome to purchase a growler or bottle of wine for the river tour.  After a short stroll under the bridge to The River you will receive a bike and start on your adventure with Traverse City's TART Trail to the Boardman Lake where your kayak will be waiting for you.  Once you start your paddle your guide will educate you on key historical parts of your Urban water tour.

Upon reaching the Boardman Dam, your guide will walk you to the OM Cafe, OM Cafe will be serving up a lunch menu for you to choose from accompanied with a wine tasting from a local winery.  Returning to the river, your kayaks will be portaged around the dam and ready for the final stretch of the river.  Sightseeing on this stretch includes the historical Fish Weir.  Our group will stop for a taste along the stone steps where our Sara Hardy Farmers Market takes place.  Float into the mouth of West Bay and paddle to return your kayak.  Please dress appropriately with Shirt and Shoes for Service.