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Friday, Jul 18, 2014 3:00 PM - Saturday, Jul 19, 2014 11:00 PM
Southside Blues Fest '14 brings The Fabulous Thunderbirds! to Northern Michigan to headline this annual two day celebration of the best of the Blues. Traverse City's own Brewz Brotherz host some of the best Michigan and Chicago blues bands in this tribute to an original American art form. Blues Hall of Fame and BMA nominee, Toronzo Cannon anchors the Friday night lineup. Chicago greats Corey Denison and Mike Wheeler also appear with long time Lansing trombone man, bugs Beddow band. Local blues rockers are represented by East Bay Blue, The Knuckleheads and other local favorites.
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Join the "Second Generation Blues Brothers", the Brewz Brotherz for this two day celebration of a classic American art form. Blues music grew out of the hard scrabble Missisippi Delta and spread north with the population migration in the 1930's. Looking for work in the Chicago slaughterhouses and carrying guitars on their backs and harmonicas in their pockets, Delta blues players dramatically impacted the music scene in the Northern industrial cities. From the earthy scratchings of Robert Johnson to the minstrel bandleader, W.C. Handy, the blues took root and melded with soul and rock to create a truly unique art form. The blues also branched out south and west influencing the formation of bands such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top and, of course, The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
For over 30 years, The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been the quintessential American band. The group’s distinctive and powerful sound, influenced by a diversity of musical styles, manifested itself into a unique musical hybrid via such barnburners as “Tuff Enuff” and “Wrap It Up”. Co-founder Kim Wilson, the sole original member, still spearheads the group as it evolves into its newest incarnation.

“We started as a straight blues band”, vocalist and harmonica player Wilson says. “We now incorporate a mixture of a lot of different styles. We’re an American music band and we’re much higher energy than we were before.”

The Southside Festival Grounds! mixes this great Southwest blues sound with Chicago greats Toronzo Cannon, Corey Denison and Mike Wheeler along with Lansing's bugs Beddow band and local favorite East Bay Blue in this two day celebration of the Blues.
Mix in the musical antics of the Brewz Brotherz, the best barbeque and coldest drinks in Northern Michigan and you have the best blues music festival Northern Michigan has to offer.