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Friday, Apr 25, 2014 7:00 PM
If you’re looking for an evening of laughs and entertainment then you won’t want to miss the 72nd Annual Rotary Show.

Preshow starts at 7:30 pm. The Mighty Rotary Chorus enters the auditorium at 8:00 pm. Laughter, music and antics designed to entertain and poke fun at a variety of local luminaries and topics fill the room for all four shows --- Wednesday through Saturday.
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Rotarians raise thousands with 72 years of gags and giggles.
The Rotary Show - a rite of spring for 72 years in Traverse City.  Rotarians have provided plenty of laughs and good cheer over the years, all the while providing crucial financial support for unmet needs in the area.

This year's version, the 71st production, is once again a unified effort of all three Traverse City clubs - Traverse City Sunrise Rotary, Traverse City Twilight Rotary, and the 'Noon Club' as the Traverse City Rotary Club is also known.

As in previous years, the 2014 show promises everything from real talent culled form our community, wannabees making their stage debut, Rotarian skits poking fun at news and the newsmakers of the past year, and the mighty Rotary Chorus.  The region's sacred cows (mostly elected officials) are always fair game, though many of the chuckles and groans are at the expense of Rotarians. Community support has made the Rotary Show a spring tradition and this year's show promises plenty of fun and laughs.

Started during World War II in 1942, the show was originally conceived as a means of providing Traverse City residents a diversion during a grim period in U.S. history.  Over the years, the Rotary Show has emerged from a single vaudeville type minstrel show to a non-stop variety show staged over four nights each spring.


GOOD WORKS means good things for people in the Grand Traverse Region. During its 72-year run, the Rotary Show has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund the Rotary Club's Good Works program.  The Rotary Good Works fund supports projects that address unmet needs in our area.  The Good Works Committee accepts grant requests from local community organizations for projects and initiatives, primarily in Grand Traverse County.  Since the inaugural Rotary Show, Rotarians continue their tradition of hard work, creative thinking and dedication towards raising cash to reinvest in our community/region with the sole purpose of distinguishing our area as a special place live.  Please consider a special donation to help Rotarians continue to fund the Good Works projects.

You will have an opportunity to donate before your final checkout.

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Lars Hockstad Auditorium
Central Elementary School
301 W. Seventh St.
Traverse City, MI 49684